How Do You Do Coffee?

We will use your answers as a starting point in creating your personal roasting profile. You'll get an email back with a follow up, and then if you want to continue, we'll roast a few small sample batches for you to try out. Once we get your feedback on those, we'll roast a full batch and see how you like it. After that, you can order whenever you like, or subscribe and receive freshly roasted coffee at the interval that works best for you.
  • The moment water makes contact with your coffee, the flavor and aroma compounds begin to diffuse into the water – this is extraction. The degree of extraction will affect the flavors and aromas in the cup, since not all compounds are extracted at the same time. We want the coffee we roast to taste great with your current coffee routine.
  • Grind consistency and uniformity are critical to producing the best cup of coffee. A consistent grind not only helps evenly extract the desirable flavors from your coffee, but it also helps ensure that each cup you brew is as delicious as the last one. If you'd like some guidance on what will make the best cup of coffee, let us know.
  • Some coffees are enhanced with milk, and a little sugar or sweetener can bring out the sweetness of some coffees, but overpower others. We'll roast coffee that works best with what you like.
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  • There is a wide array of equipment that can be used to brew coffee. These items aren't necessary, but if you already have them, please let us know.
  • We want to make sure our recommendations work for everyone.
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  • Please remember to complete additional profiles for all other coffee drinkers.